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US-8459255-B2: Respiratory muscle training device patent, US-8552742-B2: Calibration method for radio frequency scattering parameter measurements patent, US-8568741-B2: Botulinum toxin for smoking cessation patent, US-6771138-B1: Method of forming a bi-directional synchronization controller patent, US-6792380-B2: Attitude angle detecting apparatus patent, US-6840359-B2: Wheel system with side wheels for luggage patent, US-6880807-B2: Flap valve patent, US-6947176-B1: Method for correcting lightness of image patent, US-6970263-B2: Print system, printing method, and server patent, US-6982187-B2: Methods of making shallow trench-type pixels for CMOS image sensors patent, US-6982553-B2: Radio frequency coil with two parallel end conductors patent, US-6985605-B2: Phase unwrapping method for fringe image analysis patent, US-7006531-B2: Method and apparatus for transmitting streamed ingressing data through a switch fabric that provides read requests at an ingress independent request rate patent, US-7016541-B2: Image processing method for facilitating data transmission patent, US-7032995-B2: Printer having modular printhead assembly with flexible PCB and busbars patent, US-7120373-B2: Sheet-processing system patent, US-7173460-B2: Sampling phase detector for delay-locked loop patent, US-7175478-B2: Modular electric terminal connector, in particular for a mono-body probe of defibrillation patent, US-7214931-B2: Encoder for detecting movement of an object patent, US-7218556-B2: Method of writing to MRAM devices patent, US-7224197-B2: Flip-flop implemented with metal-oxide semiconductors using a single low-voltage power supply and control method thereof patent, US-7227986-B2: Graphic processing method and graphic processor and processing system patent, US-7308897-B2: Cigar opener patent, US-7333395-B2: System, method and apparatus for attracting and stimulating aquatic animals patent, US-7347269-B2: Flow tube exercising tool patent, US-7399257-B2: System and method of controlling automatic transmission patent, US-7499299-B2: Method and apparatus for reducing body diode conduction of synchronous rectifiers patent, US-7617760-B2: Valve device patent, US-7694952-B2: Print media bin patent, US-7723175-B2: Method for manufacturing CMOS circuits patent, US-7956624-B2: Method and system for monitoring growth characteristics patent, US-8047848-B2: Method and system for providing incentives in a business environment patent, US-8058944-B2: Microwave circulators patent, US-8106030-B2: Hemostatic material patent, US-8144281-B2: Electro-optical device having a light shielding film with first, second, and third portions patent, US-8170314-B2: Image processing device and image processing program storage medium patent, US-8241556-B2: Rotary holding device for gripping tool material at elevated temperatures through multiple collar assembly patent, US-6742440-B2: Servo-controlled integral stop for use with a servo-controlled hydraulic piston patent, US-6772652-B2: Closing device for valve with interior housing for probe allowing probe to be removed without disassembly patent, US-6944003-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage-detecting circuit and signal transmitting and receiving system patent, US-6948608-B2: Method and a device for transferring blister packs and the like to the feeding line of a packaging machine patent, US-6972572-B2: Arc fault detector patent, US-6999063-B1: Method and apparatus for accurately reading a potentiometer patent, US-7065796-B2: Fire protective trousers exhibiting reduced binding patent, US-7085518-B2: Adhesive material for processing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus patent, US-7134269-B2: Gas turbine engine patent, US-7143758-B1: Expeditious joint cutter for concrete curbing patent, US-7219518-B2: Sequential dispensing of laundry additives during automatic machine laundering of fabrics patent, US-7283497-B2: Method for transferring a tunnel between nodes in GPRS system patent, US-7348490-B2: Double wire cord and portable audio device using the same patent, US-7432684-B2: Mobile equipment with electric power supply control function patent, US-7534630-B2: Method of improving power distribution in wirebond semiconductor packages patent, US-7549601-B2: Level wound coil mounted on pallet, and package for same patent, US-7587641-B1: Encoding of data into constant weight codes patent, US-7882779-B2: Variable displacement inclined plate type compressor patent, US-7927017-B2: Lower a-frame bushing assembly patent, US-7988468-B2: Protective cover mechanism and portable electronic device using same patent, US-8024999-B2: Cutter apparatus of milling machine patent, US-8085901-B2: Firing delay for retrofit digital X-ray detector patent, US-8118038-B2: Powered mascara applicator patent, US-8142919-B2: Battery pack apparatus with a plurality of medium feeding parts for adjusting temperature thereof patent, US-8171615-B2: Machine for fitting fasteners of the rivet type, particularly for aircraft fuselage or subassembly components patent, US-8313390-B2: Infant swing patent, US-8354630-B2: A/D converter circuit and solid-state imaging device having series-connected capacitative elements with plural input circuits patent, US-8399823-B2: Syringe movement mechanism and control system therefor patent, US-8429495-B2: Error detection and correction codes for channels and memories with incomplete error characteristics patent, US-8448011-B2: Increasing processor operating frequency when monitored loading level pattern of program matches recorded pattern of target program patent, US-8463648-B1: Method and apparatus for automated topic extraction used for the creation and promotion of new categories in a consultation system patent, US-8555726-B2: Acoustic sensors for detecting shooter locations from an aircraft patent, US-6722794-B2: Optical module and optical module producing method patent, US-6733297-B1: Instructional device patent, US-6738351-B1: Method and apparatus for congestion control for packet-based networks using voice compression patent, US-6758724-B2: Online tension monitor system for robot x-belt of mirra CMP patent, US-4738007-A: Clip for stacked sheets patent, US-6781582-B1: Mesh generator for and method of generating meshes in an extrusion process patent, US-6958633-B2: Method and related apparatus for non-integer frequency division patent, US-6961876-B2: Automatic handling of link failures patent, US-6974296-B2: Cleanout cover system for unloading particulate material from reciprocating floor assemblies patent, US-7119370-B2: Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic instrument patent, US-7136612-B2: Connection assembly for a xerographic charging device patent, US-7205975-B2: Display apparatus and method patent, US-7232085-B2: Diverter and chopper valve for an air conveyed continuous strip of material patent, US-7246943-B2: X-ray diagnostic apparatus patent, US-7249039-B2: Processing system for providing services and processing method therefor patent, US-7283224-B1: Face lighting for edge location in catalytic converter inspection patent, US-7360099-B2: Computing environment and apparatuses with integrity based fail over patent, US-7440348-B2: Memory array having a redundant memory element patent, US-7513688-B2: Hydrodynamic bearing device and inspection method of amount of working fluid patent, US-7527597-B2: Acoustic detection of vascular conditions patent, US-7698500-B2: Disk array system, host interface unit, control method for disk array system, and computer program product for disk array system patent, US-7767505-B2: Methods of manufacturing an oxide semiconductor thin film transistor patent, US-7851929-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-7898269-B2: Semiconductor device and method for measuring analog channel resistance thereof patent, US-7945984-B2: Cleaning rotor patent, US-7954197-B2: Mop-head plate comprising mop cover patent, US-8096991-B2: Medical device for treating broken bones or fixing stabilising elements to bone parts patent, US-8135046-B2: Method and apparatus for demultiplexing, merging, and duplicating packetized elementary stream/program stream/elementary stream data patent, US-8162884-B2: Apparatus for introducing catheters or needles into a body part patent, US-8308013-B2: System and method for holding a hazardous substance patent, US-8351225-B2: System-interconnected inverter patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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